2012 dodge journey lifter noise

Dodge Journey owners have reported 6 problems related to engine knocking noise under the engine and engine cooling category. The most recently reported issues are listed below. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Dodge Journey based on all problems reported for the Journey.

As I was turning into a subdivision a loud knocking noise followed by a squeal and my engine completely shut down and seized. I have a little over 83, miles on my Dodge Journey. There were no indications of any problems.

2012 dodge journey lifter noise

It was one of the quietest vehicles I have ever owned, and this happened out of no where. The shop has informed us that the engine is completely seized and needs to be replaced. The mechanic has not seen such silvery oil in a long time. This comes across like a manufacture error such as your recall for the rod bearing in your Can someone please investigate this.

I just made my third payment on this vehicle, and now I am without a vehicle, after owning it for 87 days at the time of incident. An oil change was done approximately miles prior to the incident and there were absolutely no warning signs. This has to be a manufacturing issue. Please advise as to what to do to have this fixed. See all problems of the Dodge Journey. I just bought this car in July used with 56, miles on it. And I already had it in the shop just in the beginning of August because there was a knocking noise coming from the engine.

It sounded like a normal "morning knock" but it was always there and when you drove it sounded worse. I have not started my car all day today, then when I went to go somewhere I tried to start my car and it just gave me tick noises it would not turn over. I know the battery wasn't dead because the car door was open and there was the ding noises and the lights were all on in the car when the doors were open. Now I have gotten the vehicle to turn over, but with a 1 year old I am terrified to drive my almost new car!

I need something fixed. I could not set the cruise control without hitting the steering wheel. Once I got the cruise control set to 75 mph I could not get it to turn off.

hear a knocking noise coming from the engine

I hit the brakes 5 times before it would decelerate. Once the cruise control turned off there was a sudden hard shift on the engine and a loud knocking sound.

For a while now, randomly my Journey will get stuck in 2nd or 3rd gear after taking off. I will have to stop, put it in park, shut off the engine and restart it for it to reset itself. The steering wheel shakes when applying the breaks, but I've have a complete new set of brakes put on it, rotors and new calipers in the front.

The brakes also make a knocking sound. I also got a complete set of tires and they seem to be wearing quicker than normal.Dodge grand caravan sxt engine ticking noise when idle and lower speeds As soon as i reach to 40 mph the engine does not have any ticking sound.

I brought it to the dealer and they said that there is a loud ticking noise coming from second cylinder and another one from the other side. If it ends up being something else I will have to pay out of pocket for the teardown and any other repairs that the minivan may need.

The minivan hasmiles right now and it continues to drive. Any suggestions? Hi Anthony. Thanks for writing in to YourMechanic. My fear is that if it is an oiling issue, you will most likely be out of pocket to make these repairs. So, this is what I would suggest. If the engine tick goes away, this will verify that it was a lubrication issue and not mechanical.

Dear Yourmechanic. My car has an automatic transmission. Tim Charlet Automotive Mechanic. Thank Tim. Was this answer helpful? Thank you for your feedback! Sorry about that. Why wasn't this information helpful? Grand Caravan. The statements expressed above are only for informational purposes and should be independently verified. Please see our terms of service for more details.

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Home Questions. Year I don't know. What others are asking if the o2 sensor needs to be replaced. A couple of things to note about oxygen sensors Read more.

Starter problem Hi There, It sounds like you may have a faulty starer relay or potentially a bad starter. If you hear a clicking sound when turning the key, it is quite likely you have a faulty starter solenoid. This is a Makes a clunking noise when I put it in reverse Hi Krystal. Thanks for contacting us today. Replicating a noise is really difficult for any mechanic - especially if they deem it to be 'normal'.These problems result mainly from poor combustion, which stifles the engine.

So before replacing your engine parts, try Carbon Cleaning. A dirty engine as the result of carbon deposits is the new threat to vehicle performance. If your car has a faulty hydraulic lifter, replace it as soon as possible to avoid further damaging your engine. In most cases, a faulty hydraulic lifter will simply need to be replaced. You might be able to get away with replacing a single bad hydraulic filter depending on the make and model of your vehicle.

However, many mechanics suggest that when replacing one lifter, you should go ahead and replace them all, because it's generally a good indication that others will soon fail.

Dodge Journey repairs by problem area

Depending upon the age of your vehicle, you might consider using refurbished lifters in your vehicle rather than purchasing new ones. Refurbished hydraulic lifters will cost a lot less money and will usually do an adequate job for older used vehicles, which may not have many more years of service left in them.

Hydraulic Lifter : Dodge Journey 3.

2012 dodge journey lifter noise

What is it? This helps to ensure less engine noise and longer reliability, due to less wear and tear. A faulty hydraulic lifter will usually result in the rocker arm, valve tip and push rod also going bad if left unattended. Signs of a Faulty Hydraulic Lifter The most obvious symptom of a faulty hydraulic lifter is the noise it creates in your car's engine.

You can usually distinguish the faulty lifter by the distinct sound. Instead of a knock or ping, a faulty hydraulic lifter will usually make a sound more reminiscent of a tapping sound. The tapping will be quick in rhythm and may occur when the vehicle is cold or hot, depending on what the problem with the hydraulic lifter is. The lifter may be having problems with a sticking check valve, dirt, wear or other problems.

A problem with your hydraulic lifter? Decarbonization cleans your engine in 30 minutes! Make your online diagnosis. How can you replace yourself the hydraulic lifters? Prepare Top of Engine 2. Remove Valve Covers : The valve covers are removed with the use of the right sized socket. There are several bolts on each of the covers that hold it in place.

Once all of the bolts are removed, pry the cover off of the block with a 3. Move Cylinder to Top Center : Once the valve covers have been removed, you will need to bring the number 1 cylinder to the top center position. Move the cylinder and watch to make sure that the valves are closed. Remove the intake manifold bolts and make careful observations of their exact placement to make reassembly easier.Wondering if anyone else with a Dodge Journey 3.

I saw a TSB in another forum for similar 3. Took it to the dealer a second time after it was making the same loud noise and the technician simply said to the service advisor it's the engine TSB.

So he ordered the parts and my car is in to be fixed. Don't know how many days it will be and they have no loaner.

Hydraulic Lifter : Dodge Journey 3.6 L 283 hp Gas

Anyone else with similar issue and had a fix with the dealer? I only have a 5-year powertrain warranty being in Canada so time is running out. I had the same problem with mine. My family and I went on vacation and the engine light came on just as we were driving into a big city so I went directly to a Dodge dealership and a tech was their just as I was pulling in and he heard it and said to me that my lifters were bad. He saw that we were on a road trip and he told the service manager about it and they got me in immediately and I was back on the road in 2 hours.

I was shocked at how quickly the took care of me. Thanks for sharing. Good to know there are great Dodge dealers out there. I will advise what they did to mine. Okay, got the car back. Now it's silent again. The main part they replaced is this one:. Is this the full exhaust set? I input the part number but no photo is coming up so I don't know if there are more that will break soon or this is the full replacement set to take care of the lashing sound. I can't find the part number on the drawings, but most of the sites sell each piece separate, so it is probably an assembly, meaning that it is the entire inlet and exhaust set.

2012 dodge journey lifter noise

Yeah, same. I couldn't find actual illustration on the part number. Will ask him the next time I'm in for service. Was wondering if any technical guys who did it themselves know exactly what this assembly or part is.KenF answered 3 years ago.

If the knock matches engine RPM it's a rod or crank problem. SZ answered 3 years ago.

Part 5/10: 3.6 Pentastar engine left cylinder head removal (the short cut)

GuruS6T4Z answered about a year ago. I have a dodge journey sxt when i turn it on it has a clicking sound and when i hit the accelerator the noise gets loud. Guru1K9HD answered 9 months ago. GuruKW71P answered 7 months ago. Hi guys could you please help me finding the problem and cause of this problem in regards to ticking noise coming from the Bonet. My suv engine recently started shaking and the engine light came on any suggestion on what the problem or cost could be?

Please i need help. My module on the driver side just stopped working at first u couldnt put the windows up without the door closed. How can I stop the lights coming on when I open the Dodge Journey model. I have a different car. Content submitted by Users is not endorsed by CarGurus, does not express the opinions of CarGurus, and should not be considered reviewed, screened, or approved by CarGurus. Please refer to CarGurus Terms of Use. Content will be removed if CarGurus becomes aware that it violates our policies.

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Related Models For Sale. Used Cars For Sale.Worried about potential repair costs? An extended warranty can provide peace of mind. See our lemon odds and nada odds page to see vehicles with no repairs or vehicles with more than three repairs.

To see how frequently Dodge Journey problems occur, check out our car reliability stats. All years. Dodge Journey repairs by problem area. Dodge Journey engine repair cost distribution. See most expensive repairs Worried about potential repair costs? Chart based on repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance. This blew two fuses for the fan and it overheated.

Vehicle drove fine, but check engine light on. Problem was a fuel vapour sensor said 0 pressure in system. Sensor was replaced in 30 mins when they started work on it.

Went to mechanics and they read the code. Said something about vacuum in gas system and they'd look at it next time I came in for oil change. Said it was nothing to worry about. Light went away a few days later Will be going in for oil change soon and new tiresso they can check again. No cost from mechanic for reading diagnostics. However, after I drove off the lot, the noise was back.

Took it back again, this time they had no clue, suggested replace the intake. Found out myself it is the power steering pump. Will return to dealer Still at the dealer. I am by far a happy customer. They changed Purge Valve the first time, two 2 days later it went back into shop for check engine light again. A separate trip was needed to replace the driveshaft as the carrier bearings and mount were broken.

Car wouldn't turn on. Horn kept beeping and lights blinked on and off in front and back. Had to disconnect horn fuses and get it towed. I was told that the battery was almost dead and they had to do a reset. A lot of times, I can put it in Neutral and it would start. Stalls and out of nowhere revs to 4k rpm. Death trap and now traded for a quality Ford.

Sprung a leek but entire hose assembly needed replacement. Engine light came on.Forum Rules. Timeslips Advanced Search. Results 1 to 13 of Thread: 3. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. I know there are many of 3. What i ahve seen so far has really made me confused and i really wanna make a fix that willl cost little to nothing to finally put to rest this stupid problem we have with our otherwise sound engines.

So far people have told me that the hollow dowel locators on the bottom of the rocker assembly shear off which allows the rocker shaft to twist and the rocker or something hits the valve cover which makes the ticking noice. I really didn't understand this explination, so could anyone direct me to a thread with pic tures of a wrecked assembly in or out of the car or if you have any show me.

Over the past week my ticking noice as been gettting worse and it has ot to the point its scary and i literly don't have any money to fix it. Any info would be very helpful to give me a plan to go forward with, i might have to just tear it apart myselfadn see what i can do.

Magnum P. Umm, take a look at this thread and see if your experiencing what I had a few years ago. I drive mine like I just left the bank after an unapproved forced permanent loan The rocker shaft supplies oil to the lifters. If it rotates, the oil passeges don't line up anymore and starve the lifters of oil. It's not the valves hitting the valve cover. If that is your cause of noise, they should replace both sides as the revised kit now has both valvetrain assemblies as part of the kit.

Originally Posted by wookinpahnub. Yeah, there is a thread on the forum with the fix and pics. I think it's this one. Reviving this a bit. My grandmother has a 06 with this same described ticking noise during normal operation. I told her to bring it in to the dealer since she had an extended warranty. Little did she know that the warrant expires at 70, miles and she was at Did any of you bring this back to the dealer and have it warrantied?

Is it completely covered? If it was under warranty, why do they charge you to evaluate it? I hate dealers and their crap If its under warranty there is no charge. Do they have Radiologists doing the work? No, they were just telling her that if it isn't under warranty because warrantys don't cover everything then they have to charger her for removing the intake. It takes ten minutes or less to remove it.

Dealers can deal some crap. NEW track time coming soon! I had the rocker problem at k miles on the passenger side of the engine.

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