Bmw b47 timing chain issues

Models from this era suffer from a specific problem, the N47 engine has a weakness; basically the power plant is prone to excessive timing chain wear. Throughout and BMW owners have reported numerous cases of engine failures, many of which led to terminal decline.

Rattling noises coming from the front of the engine were indicative signs that all was not well. This was closely followed by the vehicle coming to a complete standstill.

Previously known for their reliability, timing chain failures on BMWs have rocked the motoring industry. Various timing chain problems have been reported by frustrated owners. The most seriously affected units that require the most extensive repairs were produced between 1st March and 5th January Obviously BMW fitted the timing chain to the rear of the engine little expecting the fault to occur.

Due to the positioning of the chain though it makes access a nightmare, the entire engine has to be removed, damaged components need to be stripped and new parts fitted as part of the engine rebuild. If the timing chain fails this causes a major reaction, inlet and exhaust valves smash into the pistons, this results in catastrophic engine failure.

If you are lucky the chain simply needs replacing, in most cases the entire engine will have to be replaced. BBC Watchdog brought this concern to light back in June and this is an ongoing problem. He told them he was concerned there was a major manufacturing design fault with the N47 engine.

The latest update seems to indicate issues are appearing with a limited number of engines manufactured after the supposed safe date lg sd card 1st March If you are lucky, maintained your BMW service history, and used a BMW-approved garage you might be able to recoup some of the costs of a major engine overhaul.

Frustratingly, in the vast majority of cases, customers either have to pay expensive repair bills or write-off the car. Call us on for a fast and efficient service.

bmw b47 timing chain issues

What is N47 engine nightmare? Timing chain problems Previously known for their reliability, timing chain failures on BMWs have rocked the motoring industry. What does the timing chain do? No1, St. This website uses cookies to improve your experience.The luxury German machines are prone to a specific engine problem, a timing-chain-wear caused largely to the use of the newer N47 motor engine.

The most common sign of a faulty or slacking timing chain is a rattling or clanking noise with sometimes heavy vibrations coming from the location of the timing belt is, the rear of the engine. The positioning of the timing chain remains a fundamental flaw in the engineering design, a major contributing factor to the wear of the chain.

Failure of the timing chain tensioner could leave it broken or snapped. The timing chain is a toothed metal chain solely responsible for holding the engine components together to run in perfect sync. As the primary component linking the moving engine parts, once the timing chain slacks, most of the parts now dislocated may go hurtling into one another, recklessly colliding and causing immense damage to the engine such as engine valve damage, ruined cylinder heads, piston damage and in severe cases, a total engine breakdown.

Here, what we usually do is to first turn off the engine, that is if the car owner had not already done that. The timing chain is located in the rear end of the engine, an area that was not designed to be serviceable.

Thus to fix the broken timing chain, more often than not, we would have to remove the entire engine. In a case where the timing chain snapped due to a failure of the timing chain tensioner, noticeable damage may occur to the plastic guide rails the chains are designed to ride on. These guides need plenty of fresh oil to keep it lubricated to function properly, hence this will necessitate an oil change and further inspection.

Beyond replacing the chain itself, we will also replace the timing chain tensioner, and for engines with more than one tensioner, we place the whole set at once. In certain cases, the damage to the mechanical parts in the engine may be minimal so all we may have to do will be to change the timing chain with a little servicing. However, other cases come with a massive engine damage that may require a complete overhaul of your BMW engine.

These components usually include the tensioner, the water pump, cam seals and plastic guide rails. Best practice recommends that once your car has hit a mileage of 40, toyou should have your timing belt replaced.

The more miles clocked without servicing, the more susceptible your timing chain is to breaking. Remember, the slightest disruption to your timing chain could affect your entire car engine. European Service Center has been servicing European vehicles for over 35 years. We are proud of our exemplary service and look forward to serving your needs. Dear Valued Customers. After conferring with State and local officials and based on the relatively small number of personal interactions involved in our daily operation we have decided to continue to function and will be open regular hours.

We have taken aggressive measures to sanitize surfaces that are prone to human touch and will do so on a continuing basis. In addition we will make certain that as we interface with you at the counter, handle your keys, answer questions and clean your car and take payment we will maintain proper distance and sanitize the touch points in your car.

We also sanitize our waiting room and office area with Ozone sanitization which kills We are committed to your safety and well being and will comply with any restrictions imposed by authorities. We are here to support all of our clients as best we can for as long as we can. Don't hesitate to call the shop with questions. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

TX: GA:. How can you tell your timing chain is faulty? What causes the timing chain to snap? How do we replace a broken timing chain?

Present this coupon at checkout. Dear Valued Customers, After conferring with State and local officials and based on the relatively small number of personal interactions involved in our daily operation we have decided to continue to function and will be open regular hours. We are also offering vehicle pickup and drop-off to better accomodate you during this time.Privacy Terms.

Skip to content. Quick links. I know that the B47 timing chain is still buried at the back of the engine so would be engine out job to replace. I've been looking everywhere for someone else whos had a timing chain issue on a bmw 1 series f20 shape. Luckily i was stationary so not too troublesome and i have a warranty direct policy otherwise I was looking at 1.

Warranty direct are paying up except for the obvious things perishables, diagnosis, oil etc.

BMW 118D Blog

Anyway, I've suspected my timing chain has been acting up for a while but the local garage i use always tried to reassure me it was fine. Cold starts were a bit horrible and sitting on the a14 often she would idle horribly. My cars sitting on k and I dont thrash it as its my daily so i was pretty surprised when I tried to start it after work and and she just wouldn't start. Anyway, like i said I've looked everywhere to find out if anyone's had a timing chain issue and not found much.

The only thing that seems to go is the DMF. Lots of information and failures online about the N47 engine. Giving the modular design of the B series engines I hope they've sorted the timing chains as there all now at the back of the engine. That's the route cause of the N47's design problem. Yearly oil changes help protect them and later in the engines life span they revised the chain tensioners and all but cured the problem.

When my d went in for replacement I was told a big factor was the cam shaft sprocket being too small. Board index All times are UTC.Original Poster.

Search My Stuff What's New 3 12 24 N47 Timing Chain failure how common is it still? OK,I have been spending more time looking up potential purchases suitable for my new work commute, which is a twice weekly drive from my home nr Bournemouth to Dorking, 95 miles away, a pretty awful drive tbh, so I want something comfortable and torquey and with reasonable MPG. My weekly mileage is current just overwith weekend trips added in Anyway, the d or d seems to fit the bill well, big for the familycomfortable and decent MPG But every google link refers to the dreaded N47 timing chain problem.

I am just wondering how much of an issue this is still. BMW obviously shifted thousands of cars, the majority of which I am guessing have been fine, but it is still a worry However I believe BMW recently did a voluntary recall on the 1 series n47's from certain years, not sure on 3 series or 5 as I only heard via the 1 series fan forum.

bmw b47 timing chain issues

Tryke3 1, posts 46 months. Look on the road how many ds there are, do you really think its really a big issue? My son has an 09 d M Sport and it does worry me that it could at some point be hit by this - not least because he'd come to me for financial help!

These engines can - and do - take oil, owners rarely check the level, and the service intervals are stupidly long for oil that ends up looking and feeling like black water by the time it come out at 18K miles.

BMW did an "enhancement" on cars they thought were at risk, so it might be worth checking if any car your looking at a was due it and b had it. If the engine is absolutely fine now, purring like a kitten and has a great history, then chances are, by doing what we're doing it should be ok going forward. JakeT 2, posts 72 months. Stick BMW warranty on it and you'll be okay.

There is a big risk best avoid cars with the bhp N47 from orcant remember. You are far better off with a 6 cylinder diesel at this age they don't have problems with timing chains, they are much smoother than the horrible noisy 4 cylinder BMW engine and the economy is surprisingly similar ok its not quite as good on fuel but you do have much more power and a nicer noise.

Agent XXX 1, posts 58 months. IF it doesn't go bang you'll be bored to tears with it after a week. SO dull. And the 3 is definitely not a 'big' car. Certainly not a family car.

There is or was a service campaign to check and replace affected parts as necessary, so it was a problem but shouldn't be one now. Someone did say a week or two back that they thought BMW might have stopped running the campaign now, which seems mad to me but meh you never know, so best call BMW and check if you're thinking of one.

They're absolutely everywhere so it can't be as big a risk as a lot of people make out, but there was definitely an issue with the parts on some cars. BMW have apparently stopped the 'enhancement' program which is shocking news if you own one thats not been done.

I took my old d back and had the mod done under their enhancement program, they only did a very small upgrade took them less than an hour to do - I would suspect that alone is not enough to guarantee it will be ok into high mileage. Such a shame BMW have dropped the ball with engines, the N43 petrol 2. In summary if you are buying an E90 3 series avoid bhp 2. That's pretty bad then if they have stopped it.

My understanding is that the original tensioner for the top chain could have oil supply issues, the upgraded part resolves the issue. They measure the chains and if no stretching has taken place then there is no need for further action, it gets complicated if they find stretching because then it's the chains, guides, tensioners and various other bits for both the top and bottom chains.

So if they've only replaced the tensioner that's good news because it means the chains are still OK and you don't need a ton of engine work.BMW issues a service bulletin for models powered by the N63 4. In order to identify the issue, a trip to the dealership is needed. BMW techs will perform a test procedure to determine the if the issues occurs with that particular engine. If needed, the dealers will replace the chains, along with all accompanying hardware.

The problem: Timing chains on N63 engines have been found to stretch and wear out prematurely, resulting in premature valvetrain wear and reduced engine performance. Corrective action: BMW has come up with a test procedure to determine timing chain wear.

Dealers will perform this test in conjunction with the N63 Customer Care Package, which is designed to ensure proper long-term engine operation. After this test has been performed, dealers will replace the chain as necessary, along with all accompanying hardware, including the chain tensioner and hardware as well as the chain sprocket. Warranty info: This repair is covered under the new car limited warranty or, if applicable, the certified pre-owned warranty.

If an extended warranty is in place and the factory warranty has expired, the repair might be covered under that warranty. Reference TSB No. The newly released BMW X6 is getting a recall. According to the recall notice released by the National Highway …. BMW is recalling nearlyolder vehicles in the United States to replace Takata front air bag inflators.

The inflators are among 10 million sold …. According to the notice, the alleged headlight …. BMW recallingvehicles to replace Takata front air bag inflators BMW is recalling nearlyolder vehicles in the United States to replace Takata front air bag inflators.Premature timing chain failure has become a serious problem for many BMW owners — regularly discussed in BMW website forums, featured on BBC Watchdog and highlighted in other media sites.

A range of BMW diesel engines produced between and appear to have a design problem affecting the timing chain. The engine timing chain is very weak — it stretches over time, and ultimately snaps. When a BMW engine timing chain snaps, the inlet and exhaust valves collide with the pistons, resulting in massive engine damage. At this point it will bend all 16 valves, shatter the rocker arms, snap and distort both camshafts and the camshaft housing.

The timing chain is located at the rear of the engine bay and is not intended to be a serviceable part.

bmw b47 timing chain issues

We have rebuilt over a thousand BMW engines damaged by timing chain failure, and we have developed a thorough, highly successful engine rebuild procedure. Repairing the catastrophic engine damage is a labour intensive and expensive job. The timing chain is located at the rear of the engine, therefore we must remove the entire engine and completely strip down all components to discover and replace all damaged parts to ensure we restore the engine to perfect running order.

The N47 or M57 engine is rebuilt with modified chains, guides and tensioners supplied by BMW to reduce the risk of a repeat failure. If your engine has been damaged by a snapped timing chain, you will require the full engine rebuild procedure, inclusive of BMW parts.

Each damaged engine is individually assessed and depending on damage to engine parts, and fluctuations in BMW component pricing, the price may be higher. Early inour workshop specialist was consulted by researchers from the BBC Watchdog programme — they were keen to acquire real-world professional advice on this subject, and some of our engine rebuild customers had recommended us to BBC Watchdog as experts in this subject.

Some of the BMW owners contacting Watchdog had been quoted huge repair costs from BMW and had instead chosen Prestige to rebuild their badly damaged engines. BBC Watchdog Report. It is a skilled and time consuming process to correctly repair an engine damaged by a broken timing chain, cheap solutions will not provide the reliability and 12 month warranty offered by Prestige.

The tables below detail the affected models and engine codes: 2. Further Information on the Timing Chain Failure Issue Early inour workshop specialist was consulted by researchers from the BBC Watchdog programme — they were keen to acquire real-world professional advice on this subject, and some of our engine rebuild customers had recommended us to BBC Watchdog as experts in this subject. Iconic One Theme Powered by Wordpress.I cant really find the correct forum for this question.

Anyone had any issues with this engine? Well mine been ok so far, owned it for 2 years and a bit and just turned 76k. Mine doesnt have adblue but i drove a g series that had b47 with adblue so i cant comment on that. The only thing they had was the egr cooler which bmw replaces FOC really good fuel economy and i find the power to be adequate.

Didnt hear anything about chain issue and certainly doesnt make any rattling talking about mine and i do have a e81 with n47 to play around with and b47 sounds much more refined. I would assume it has adblue as per the G We had to resort to drastic measures to reach the oil filter housing on the G01 once it was lifted up.

Well that scares me little bit too, but again as for chain issues i think i am with Andrew.

bmw b47 timing chain issues

I have recently changed a chain on a vw polo 1. Of course they all had their chain accessible merc was right up front and polo on the side and thats where bmw sucks. That's where the money is in these chain replacement jobs. If they were located at the front of the block it would only be a few hours work in comparison. The point i was trying to make is you pay a lot more to a bmw compare to other cars they shouldn't have this. They are all moving there slowly more so if they are inline, North South mounted engines the new Mercedes inline engines have the same setup to the point that the overall design might as well be a copy of BMW's with a single chain at the rear.

N47 Timing Chain failure --- how common is it still?

Jaguar have moved theirs to the rear as well albeit single chain setup as opposed to multiple chains for the Ingenium engines in 4 pot and 6 pot. But there is the issue, you need more space than ever to allow for ped injuries even with an active bonnetmoving it to the rear means the bonnet can come closer to the engine ultimately.

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BMW N47 & BMW N57 Engine Parts That Fail After 100,000 Miles

Our x3 b47 has just had the chains replaced and a new turbo under warranty. Might be one of the first in the uk?? Car has no chatter now and is the way it should of been when it was sold to us.

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