Common trees in madurai

It is the cultural capital of Tamil Nadu and the administrative headquarters of Madurai Districtthe third largest city in Tamil Nadu and 44th most populated city in India. Madurai is closely associated with the Tamil languageand the third Tamil Sangama major congregation of Tamil scholars said to have been held in the city.

The recorded history of the city goes back to the 3rd century BCE, being mentioned by Megasthenesthe Greek ambassador to the Maurya empireand Kautilyaa minister of the Mauryan emperor Chandragupta Maurya. Signs of human settlements and Roman trade links dating back to BC are evident from excavations by Archeological Survey of India in Manalur. The city has a number of historical monuments, with the Meenakshi Temple and the Tirumalai Nayak Palace being the most prominent.

Madurai is an important industrial and educational hub in South Tamil Nadu. The city is home to various automobile, rubberchemical and granite manufacturing industries. Madurai city is administered by a municipal corporation established in as per the Municipal Corporation Act.

The city covers an area of The Madurai Bench has been functioning since Madurai is one of the many temple towns in the state which is named after the groves, clusters or forests dominated by a particular variety of a tree or shrub and the same variety of tree or shrub sheltering the presiding deity. The region is believed to have been covered with Kadamba forest and hence called Kadambavanam.

The word Madurai may be derived from Madhura sweetness arising out of the divine nectar showered on the city by the Hindu god Siva from his matted hair. A town in the neighbouring Dindigul district is called Vada Madurai North Madurai and another in Sivagangai district is called Manamadurai.

The different names by which the city has been referred to historically bruder 2019 catalogue listed in the 7th-century poem Thiruvilayaadal puraanam written by Paranjothi Munivar. Koodal means an assembly or congregation of scholarly people, referring to the three Tamil Sangams held at Madurai.

Naanmadakoodal, meaning the junction of four towers, refers to the four major temples for which Madurai was known for. Madurai has been inhabited since at least the 3rd century BCE. After the Sangam age, most of present-day Tamil Nadu, including Madurai, came under the rule of the Kalabhra dynastywhich was ousted by the Pandyas around CE.

It was in Madurai, inthat Mahatma Gandhipre-eminent leader of Indian nationalism in British-ruled India, first adopted the loin cloth as his mode of dress after seeing agricultural labourers wearing it.

common trees in madurai

Rajagopalachari in removed restrictions prohibiting Shanars and Dalits from entering Hindu temples. The temple entry movement was first led in Madurai Meenakshi temple by independence activist A. Vaidyanatha Iyer in Madurai is built around the Meenakshi Amman Temple, which acted as the geographic and ritual centre of the ancient city of Madurai. These squares retain their traditional names of Aadi, Chittirai, Avani-moola and Masi streets, corresponding to the Tamil month names and also to the festivals associated.

The temple chariots used in processions are progressively larger in size based on the size of the concentric streets. The city of Madurai lies on the flat and fertile plain of the river Vaigaiwhich runs in the northwest—southeast direction through the city, dividing it into two almost equal halves.

The municipal corporation of Madurai has an area of A study based on the data available with the Indian Meteorological Department on Madurai over a period of 62 years indicate rising trend in atmospheric temperature over Madurai city, attributed to urbanisation, growth of vehicles and industrial activity.

common trees in madurai

According to census based on per-expansion limits, the area covered under the Madurai Municipal Corporation had a population of 1, [2] with a sex-ratio of females for every 1, males, much above the national average of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes accounted for 6.Author D. The book authored in Tamil by D. Stephen, Assistant Professor in Botany, The American College, has a list of 25 species that are common in Madurai, with elaborate details of the origin and uses of the trees.

The book was released by P. Speaking on the occasion, N. Chidambaram, coordinator of Madurai Green, said the organisation, established 22 years ago, had conducted 25 Green Walks in the past two years. Chidambaram added. Stephen said the book would serve as guide to people on the different trees in Madurai.

Herbal Plant in Madurai

Purasu, nuna, athandai, vattakanni, oduvan, banyan, peepal, palm, neem and coconut were some of the trees mentioned in the book.

President of Madurai Green D. Members of Nanal Nanbargal and other youth organisations that took part in the green walks regularly also shared their experiences. Xavier, Principal of St. Free saplings of trees were distributed to those who attended the programme.

Chennai First a Celebration.

common trees in madurai

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common trees in madurai

Selva sundar rajan on A Madurai street once famous for minting coins for Pandya kings Raghav on All set for the long ride ranganatghan on Woman barber defies tradition, wields blade.Order Now. Weather TamilNadu Elections. TRICHY: Native trees that were translocated from the Bhel Trichy complex adjacent to Trichy-Thanjavur national highway to avoid being axed for the construction of a flyover have started to regrow.

As the area earmarked for it comprises hundreds of well-grown native trees, Bhel management preferred the translocation method to give a new lease of life to about trees in October While three trees were moved to the Trichy campus, a majority were translocated within the industrial complex and the Bhel township. The decades-old native trees belonging to eight breeds were translocated as replacement for those lost in Gaja cyclone in November at an estimated cost of Rs 1, per tree.

While the trees moved to B sector in Bhel township are yet to regrow, those translocated to the community centre's ground in the township have grown back.

Removal of Babul cimaik ( Seemai Karuvelam) trees in full swing at Madurai following court order

Bhel management is unlikely to translocate the eucalyptus trees grown on a portion of the industrial complex where the flyover is to come up. However, Coimbatore-based tree translocation expert Osai Syed said even well-grown eucalyptus trees can be shifted successfully. In translocation, the trunk and root ball of the trees will be uprooted. Before that, the branches and leaves of the trees will be trimmed. The trunk portion along with the root will be planted again at the suitable site and periodically maintained.

Navbharat Times. Featured Today in Travel.It was in that a new movement for trees began in Chennai. Nizhal's vision is to be an effective catalyst in greening urban areas, with a special focus on regenerating biodiversity. Nizhal believes in sincere partnerships with local communities. It was sometime in June that the first stirrings of a new movement for trees began in Chennai. A few of us who felt a need for an organization to speak for trees, joined together to form NIZHAL shadea trust to promote concern for trees in the city, which was registered in September The idea was to bring about awareness on the role of trees in our lives and on the need to plant, propagate and care for trees for the benefit of all.

About Us Nizhal initiated one major project, the greening of Kattuppalli, and many smaller ones like trees surveys and tree walks in its first year. Nizhal also paved the way for advocacy by meeting with the Commissioner of Chennai Corporation and the Chiefs of the Highways and Forestry Departments. If the first year was busy, the following years have been more so.

Nizhal has also conducted awareness sessions for schools, colleges and varied citizen groups. All this has been possible through the efforts of a growing volunteer base comprising of volunteers of all ages from all walks of life. Nizhal was selected as one of the national winners of the Mahindra Spark the Rise Award for Ramakrishnan Retd.

See more details. Latest News. Damaging Chennai Corporation trees to invite hefty fine, jail term Messing with trees can cost you Rs 25, Damaging Chennai Corporation trees to invite hefty fine, jail term.

Best NGO Award Nizhal was selected as one of the national winners of the Mahindra Spark the Rise Award for National winners Madras Christian College, Chennai. Raghavendra Rao Organic Farmer and Horticulturist.Located in the state of Tamil Nadu, Kodaikanal is one of the most famous honeymoon destinations in India. When you think of Kodaikanal, you think of a wonderful climate, cliffs covered in mist, cloud-capped mountains and beautiful lakes and valleys, and once you visit this hill station, you will find that every bit of what you have imagined it to be is true.

Nestled amidst the rolling slopes of the Palani Hills in Tamil Nadu, Kodaikanal stands at an altitude of feet above sea level and has a cool, pleasant climate all year round. Kodaikanal means the gift of the forests. Distance From Madurai: The idyllic hill station Munnar - famous for its tea estates, exotic lush greenery and craggy peaks, is located in the Western Ghats, in the state of Kerala.

In addition, Munnar has many protected areas which are home to endemic and highly endangered species like the Nilgiri Thar and the Neelakurinji. Home to the country's largest Tiger Reserve- Periyar, Thekkady is a great way to enjoy a jungle vacation.

Also known as Tanjore or the city of temples, Thanjavur has a lot of cultural value and is known for its famous Tanjore paintings, antiques and handicrafts, textiles and sarisits Carnatic music and musical instruments and of course the temples. Dhanushkodi is a small, sparsely populated beach town on the coast of Tamil Nadu.

In theDhanushkodi was hit by one of the worst storms India has ever seen. Ever since then, Tamil Nadu has rebuilt this town to become one of the most unique and unusual beach towns of India.

With remains of Chera dynasty, Vembolinad Kingdom, and European plantations in the later years, this rugged hill resort is best known for its wildlife sanctuaries, beautiful bungalows, tea factories, rubber plantations and forests. Rameshwaram is one of the holiest places in India and is located on a beautiful island. It is separated by a small Pamban channel from Sri Lanka. According to the Hindu mythology, this is the place where Lord Rama created a bridge across the sea to Sri Lanka.

Extremely famous for its beautiful backwaters, the city of Alleppey in Kerala is also known for its beaches, temples and traditional boat races. This popular tourist destination also has some very well reputed Ayurvedic spas and wellness centres. Coming across a city like Tuticorin is not common. It is a beach town, also one of the busiest ports, has a wildlife sanctuary, houses numerous temples and churches and tens of other monumental sites.

If this does not make it to you radar, then nothing else would. An idyllic village along the coastlines of the Arabian Sea, Kovalam is most famous for its three pristine beaches with shallow waters and low tidal waves where one can go surfing, wooden and motorboat riding. The beach town of Kovalam has three famous beaches - Lighthouse beach, Samudra beach and Hawah beach, which together form its majestic rocky crescent.Deejay Coconut Farm is headquartered in Bangalore, India and has close to 50 years of agri-livestock experience.

The company has three Joint Ventures internationally.

Welcome To Deejay Coconut Farm

Read More. To breed a coconut palm with the highest productivity, thereby resulting in the lowest cost of producing a coconut and its value added products and improving the quality of life. Skip to content. Deejay - A key to a Greener Planet. Welcome To Deejay Coconut Farm. With over 34 years of experience and research in coconut hybridization, Deejay today produces the fastest and highest yielding coconut trees on earth. To move one million small farmers from poverty to a better quality of life.

To be at the cutting edge of coconut farming technology, and value-added coconut products. Serving farmers everywhere. Seedlings Planted. Farmers Supplied. Acres Planted. Exclusive To Deejay. Anthony Davis sowed in us the conviction that our hybrid coconut seedlings would change the lives of small farmers. The team at Deejay took up the opportunity with passion and commitment decades ago.

We continue to remain driven by this idea. K R Kuppuswamy. In the yearI wanted to enter into coconut farming, so I enquired about the coconut varieties with my friends. They told me about Deejay hybrid seedlings and recommended it. When we visited the farms where Deejay hybrid seedlings were planted, we saw the benefits of it and we were impressed.

I went to Deejay Farm in Madurai in and booked 2, Deejay hybrid seedlings which were delivered to me in August Madurai, Tamil Nadu. Kamarajar Salai, Madurai No. Verified Supplier. Usilampatti, Madurai No. Viswanathapuram, Madurai No.

Madurai No. Chavadi, Madurai -Dist. Colony, Madurai -Dist.

Tamil Nadu: 70 per cent of trees translocated to make way for Bhel flyover grow back to life

Usilampatti, Dist. Avanivapuram, Madurai House No. South Gate, Madurai No. Have a requirement? Get Best Price.

In Madurai, top cop plants 24 varieties of trees mentioned in epic 'Silapathikaram'

Showing results with Videos. Clear Filter. Location Near Me. One such herb is the Mudakathan keerai. The botanical. Herbal Plants Ask Price.

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