K20z3 ecu pinout

All Rights Reserved. Built with Volusion. Budget Tucked K-Series harness Ver. Version 2 of the Rywire K-series engine harness was created to facilitate a more universal chassis, and harness routing preference. This style can be routed more like the OEM k-series engine harness through the center or more to the right on the firewall than it's Version 1 counterpart.

Honda K series coil on plug COP wiring diagram pinout how to

Version 2 is also routed in a way that allows you to get around aggressive headers. These harnesses are warrantied and guaranteed to work, we provide excellent installation phone support and troubleshooting to ensure this reputation for quality, however they are non-refundable.

Our Budget K-series Version 2 K2 wire-tuck engine harness is nearly identical to its K2 Mil-spec counterpart with the primary differences being the type of wire used, the single black wire color and expandable loom used. All connectors and materials are new.

Each connector is crimped with pneumatic heads to ensure an OEM crimp every time, then tagged with a white identification label for easy installation. All heavy interference circuits are protected and grounded with proper wire covering. These are the best harnesses money can buy. Sign up for our newsletter to receive exclusive deals and discounts. No Thank You. Solenoid Bolt:. Honda Charge Harness.

Ground Kit. Related Items. Rywire Mil-spec standalone race chassis adapter for K-Series.This is a reference for wiring a K20A into a race car. Incorrect wiring is cause of many problems with engine swaps and you must follow the wiring diagram below. In general you need to K20A engine wiring harness. This is a valid, tested wiring diagram from our race car.

Closed loop works correctly. This diagram is the intellectual property of Hondata and may not be reproduced elsewhere. Any K-series engine can be used with K-Pro in an engine swap. But the transmission will need to be from an Using an transmission will mean that the speedometer will not work, and VTEC will not engage. Do not wire the main relay E7 or fuel pump E1 to 12V. This will damage the ECU. Both E1 and E7 are outputs which switch on relays by grounding the ECU output and do not like being forced to eat 12V.

Do not supply the O2 sensor heater relay with unswitched 12V. It must be a switched power source. Otherwise the relay will latch on and never switch off, so your battery will go flat quickly and the O2 sensor will burn out.

Do not supply the main relay with switched power. It must be unswitched power otherwise the ECU will not get backup power via the main relay coil. Make sure that the intake manifold ground is good. Do not rely on modified or adapted harnesses from any source - most do not work - check the wiring yourself. Introduction This is a reference for wiring a K20A into a race car. Wiring diagram This is a valid, tested wiring diagram from our race car.My Account.

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k20z3 ecu pinout

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k20z3 ecu pinout

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K-series Transmission Guide

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You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Thread starter webartie Start date Jan 12, Joined Nov 26, Messages Joined Apr 16, Messages 1, Joined Jan 17, Messages Neo Site Admin. Joined Feb 5, Messages Sort of weird if you ask me, but then again here in the states we aren't use to seeing a 99 spec CTR engine harness.

Here is what I am referring to: splice B12 with C10 and as you can see with my pics below I don't have a C S: Can we please get rid of the image resize option in the admin control panel on this forum?

k20z3 ecu pinout

Escabar New Member. Joined Sep 2, Messages 6. I am buying a Hondata S and I need to get a conversion harness to work it. Thanks for your help guys. Escabar said:. Loaf 98 EK9. Joined Feb 12, Messages In the pic for the obd1 ecu above, it states that D3 is for the knock sensor, is there only one wire from the knock sensor?

If not where do the other wires go? Colin89 Honda Pilot! Joined Sep 4, Messages Nice info thanks.Amid news regarding the Coronavirus COVIDwe at HMotorsOnline want to prioritize the safety of our customers and staff by reminding you that there are no unscheduled walk-ins, pickups, or inventory browsing offered at this time.

Pickups are only available with an appointment, and will be very limited. Please call us for details. During this time of year, HMotorsOnline experiences a high influx of customer calls.

Please keep the following in mind during peak season:. If we do not pick up when you call, please try us again after a minimum of fifteen minutes.

If you are placed on hold, please refrain from hanging up the phone and calling right back. If it is an emergency, please dial K Series Engines. Select options.

Show Details. Please keep the following in mind during peak season: Phone wait times are longer than usual as HMotorsOnline is processing a higher number of orders than usual, we appreciate your patience. Unscheduled walk-ins are NOT accommodated, please schedule a walk-in on the phone.

All engine orders may take anywhere from two to three weeks to ship out. For further details, please call and speak with a sales associate.It is, however, a very popular spot among locals on sunny days.

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k20z3 ecu pinout

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Honda Civic 92-95 ECU pinning for vtec HOW TO:

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