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While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Rammstein is broken. After a terrible incident, Schneider is on his own and trying to cope with the loss of his friends. Meanwhile, the rest of the band is forced to move rapidly in a different direction as they attempt to hold their strained friendships and relationships together.

Karamatsu licked his lips, thinking about every sort of torture he could subject his plaything to. Victoria is the human concubine and slave to the fearsome gryphon mercenary captain, Justinian Ironclaw. After five years of service to him, she is by now used to the day-to-day debauchery, hedonism, and depraved duties that such a dishonour brings. Sherlock is only six years old when he is kidnapped and sold to a wealthy man who has bought him as a pet for his young son, John.

John treats Sherlock like a friend and brother and the two grow very close. Gellert finds Albus masturbating again His Albus knows better than that, his orgasms belong to Gellert and Gellert alone.

Gon finds himself in the arms of Hisoka, who may or may not have the best intentions for his future. Being lost in a depression that seems never ending, Gon follows Hisoka to the end of the world. Anthony Carbonell Stark is the most powerful Alpha mafia boss. He has inherited both the Stark and Carbonell cartel.

He makes anyone who encroaches on his territory pay a terrible price, a lesson to the world. Kaecilius and his gang hope to get some relief in their payments by making a peace offering to Tony, an omega by the name Stephen Strange. With everyone on lockdown, money is tight. So you and the boys make videos online to extra cash and pretty much everything is on the table. It was the year these grisly murders occurred in the Arklay Mountains.

Soon after, word got out that it was the fault of a secret viral experiment conducted by the international pharmaceutical enterprise; Umbrella. The virus struck the nearby community, Raccoon City, with a crippling force.Thank you for requesting!

Keep reading. Tagging luffles ddaenggtan seraphjoon personawife strawbxxymilk seokoloqy mygsii bangtiddies and other people who see this. Thank You for requesting! Here you go. I was going to post this on Christmas but was busy sorry! Happy late Holidays! A week ago, Felix Agreste had been on top of the world. Finally settling into his school routine, having friends for the first time in his life…. How fast it could all change. How it could all go so wrong, so out-of-control, in the blink of an eye.

Felix had forgotten how cold and dark the world really was. Standing in the rays of sunshine and hope Ladybug radiated, it had been easy to slip, to pretend he could have the things his once cold, shrivelled heart had desperately craved. Not for him. Never for him. Like a rug pulled out from underneath unsuspecting feet, so too did his carefully crafted new life rip away from him. It only took one moment, one second, one awful realisation.

He hated it so much. Fingers twitched by his side, wanting to reach out, wanting to comfort. Chat laughed once, low and humorlessly. Sick with guilt, his gut twisting and turning, his heart tried to tug him backwards.

Back to her. It took everything in his power to ignore it. His mind was made up. Nothing could change it now.

male reader x male master

Saying nothing, the old guardian beckoned him into a small therapy room. Not the room he held the miraculous box in, Chat noted. Did Fu know, then? Were there already steps to shut him out? Settling cross-legged on the mat in the middle of a room, beneath a poster highlighting the merits of acupuncture, Fu looked up at him wordlessly, patiently.

Gritting his teeth against the near-painful sensation, he hung his arms low and approached the mat.So I changed it up a bit but the premise is the same!! I hope this are fine!! Thank you so so much for the request and I hope you enjoy it!!

Suga stared at the snow-clad mountains from the inside of the ski hut; snow had stopped falling on the early morning but the storm that had hit that night seemed to be more than perfect for those seeking the thrill of skiing in the hill. All he could see was the clear blue skies, the beautiful green forest that seemed magical when covered in snow and the freshly plowed paths for those who dared go down the mountaintops.

He smiled as he felt the chilly air hit his cheeks, zipping his jacket and strapping on his skiis. He hopped onto the lift. Looking around at the people descending swiftly.

As he hopped down decided not to take the higher lift, he had never skied and he thought it would be fun enough starting from something easy. You had a line of kids waiting behind you, ready for you to teach them the basics. You smiled as the five children in your charge seem to be learning pretty fast thanks to your excelling job as an instructor, they were ready to go down all by themselves; this time with you following just behind.

Suga pondered on how to go about skiing, when he saw you a few meters below, cheering on a bunch of learners. He smiled at the sight of you smiling at the tiny kids.

Then he saw one by one head down, as you watched closely ready to go to the rescue were it be needed, thankfully they seemed to have no problem. He pushed himself over to the edge and began skiing, in a practically straight line.

Your attention was taken off the kids as you saw a silver haired guy rush past you, feeling a gush of wind due to the closeness.

Crap, he will hurt somebody, or himself. You made sure all the kids were already safe at the bottom of the hill before bolting to stop him. Suga opened his eyes wide, this was harder than he thought, he tried to remain calm as he found it difficult to turn and zigzag, quickly gaining speed. You quickly caught up to him and he flashed a nervous smile to you.

Try to close the tips without touching! He took a deep breath and tried his best to do as you said, however his skies tangled one with the other and he was sent tumbling down into a snowbank.

You stopped where he had fallen, retrieving a ski that had come off his boot. Suga sat down and chucking brushed the snow off his silver hair. You blushed at the sight of him, he was absolutely beautiful, his cheeks red due to the cold and his silver hair messy due to the fall. You cleared your throat as you handed him his ski. Suga saw you staring and blood rushed to his cheeks as he tried to get the ski back on. He wobbled once he was on his feet, and on instinct you held him as to prevent his fall.

Now the two of you were really close to each other…he has pretty eyes.


He was proud of himself.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me.

male reader x male master

Work Search: tip: austen words sort:title. Headcanons from my Tumblr. Feel free to request stuff and I'll see whether or not my brain cooperates! But today felt different. Today you ignored that feeling, and stopped just outside the rusted gate, awkwardly bent and gaping forward. Almost like an invitation. You're in your early twenties and you move to Derry, Maine to write your manuscript. You'd shoved the concept of soulmates into a dark corner of your head after High-school.

Until you start getting dreams and soul marks frequently. There's this interesting ginger girl in town that you're drawn to. You aren't sure what the two of you have going on but she seems to really like Horror! Luckily she's also willing to talk about the Horror book you're writing.

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One man versus all of society. One mans slow spiral into clown. Clown vs the World, coming straight to your house and home. Just some of my imagines from Tumblr. Request some stuff here or there if you dare. I'm under the same name!Originally posted by physicalturian.

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"Are you thirsty,my Liege?"Male Human Slave X Vampire Listener(GenderNeutral)ASMR Rp(Uuuh...18+ ??)

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male reader x male master

Mythosuars were meant to be huge, big enough to kill off a group of mandalorians but lucky for him his father was only changed into a baby mythosaur that was slightly taller than him an a bit bigger. Hearing things break and collapse, causes him to turn around and face his buir who was struggling to walk through the halls. Someone can see you! Din, the mythosaur huffs out some air through his nose. Glaring down at his own son in anger. The two giving each other a staring contest before hearing something drop on their left, slowly the two of them turn towards the sound to see a younger Mandalorian that was still in training for the creed, frozen in spot as he slowly backs away.

That sure did send the Mandalorian running away, shouting at the top of his lungs that a mythosaur was in the building. We have to leave now before they all come! He hides behind a wall and groans, walking backwards he stumbles into a table and winced. The child gives him a look, not being convinced but also not surprised that his own vod would do such a thing. The child crossed his small arms over his chest and with one arm he extends it out and gestures with his hand. The walk towards the jedis hut took awhile, giving Din the time to give his own son a lesson about trusting Jedis and how they were not to be trusted.

Pushing aside a tree branch he ignores his buir that followed behind him. Jedi master! Would you please explain this to me?! Luke stares at the boy in frustration, sighing to hismelf he looks up at the mythosaur. He looks away from Luke and towards his buir, giving him a knowing look before sighing through his nose. Din holds the tracking fob up, giving it a glance as the red light flickers rapidly. Letting out a sigh he puts the fob in his pocket and steps inside, pulling the cover back as he enters the dimmed room, he could smell the alcohol in the air, mixed with a hint of sweat and laughter.

He tilts his head to glance to his side, the club was semi full of different classes of people, some were circling around the dancers as they received their lap dances. Din looks away from the crowd and approaches an empty booth, taking a seat he continues to look around, trying to spot his bounty.

All he wanted to do right now was collect his bounty and take him back to receive his credits, he was running low on fuel and needed to buy the kid some more food before they ran out. Din looks up to see one of their private dancers who stood in front of him with a grin on their face.You stumbled into his room clumsily, trying to get herself together before looking him straight in the eye. He has a very sadistic, but laid back and kind personality.

But even though he can be kind, he mostly uses his sadistic charm to tease me, lots. He knows I get really flustered all the time, yet he uses that knowledge against me and has fun doing so. Master Kuroo always calls me to his room, so that he can do I honestly don't know how I feel about that.

It's been like this ever since I moved in into this estate. As Kuroo came closer, you got scared. Finally arriving in front of you, Kuroo took his hand and placed it upon your cheek, caressing it as it were a feather. You flinched at the contact, but that only made him smirk. He heard you give a slight moan and that only made him smirk more. But if you didn't slip up, then it wouldn't be any fun. Besides, it's fun teasing you.

Him touching you there sent shivers all over your body. You tried to push his hand away softly, buy he just grabbed it. His grip nowhere close to loosening. I won't let you leave me even if you beg. You belong to me and only me. You look up at him then look away. Once inside he let you down to your feet gently. Shaking, you started off by taking off your maid head band. Next came the choker. As you were taking it off, Kuroo suddenly interrupted.

Moving on, down behind you, you loosened the big bow, making the dress easy for you to slip off.


Next came your shoes and stockings. You put your shoes neatly to the side and your stocking next to them. Lastly came your undergarments.Pairing: Marauders x [gender neutral] Reader Words: 1. I have had this saved since and found it on my old hard-drive so I edited slightly and here you go…hope you like. My day started off pretty normal when I walked down to the Great Hall in order to get my breakfast before my day of classes began.

I turn around and spot Lucius Malfoy staring with his followers stood around him sneering at me in response I roll my eyes and turn back around to head to my table. As I walk past a group of boys in Gryffindor I can feel them watching me. As I am going past I wink at them, I can only smirk at their reactions as they all blush at the fact they were caught staring. Keep reading. Originally posted by littlemessyjessi.

Maybe a fight got extra violent because the other person was talking bad about Sirius—so In return Sirius patches him up? I was walking with the Marauders toward the Black Lake. We liked this place a lot.

We teased each other and we laughed until we cried. We all looked at each other and an idea came in our minds. A few minutes later, we were all in the cold water laughing at Peter who was too scared to put a toe in the Lake. He finaly gave up and returned in the castle. The point of the game was to stay as long as possible underwater without using any kind of magic. To make sure no one was cheating, we were doing it one by one. We knew it was a bad idea, but we did it anyway.

Remus went first and made a terrible score of twenty-four seconds, blaming the cold water. James went third and made a score of forty-nine seconds, a bit disapointing. Then it was my turn. I took a very deep breath and put my hole body underwather. I was freezing, but I needed to impress Sirius. I never admitted it, but he was pretty hot. I was doing well when I felt something. It was like was paralyzed.

As if I forgot how to move. I started panicking as I felt everything go dark. It took me a few seconds to finaly find Oliver. Remus was right. Something wrong happened.

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