What size shirt does a 300 pound man wear

To Measure Chest: Raise your arms out to the side. Have someone draw a measuring tape around your chest right at the nipple line. With the measuring tape in place put your arms back down the tape should still be under your arms. Let the tap sit snug but not tight do not pull or tighten tape This is your chest measurement.

To Measure Waist: Your waist measurement is the size pants you usually purchase at the store. You can measure wherever you usually where your pants to get an exact measurement as well. To Measure Seat or Hips Optional : Keep your legs together and measure all the way around the widest part of your hips.

To Measure Inseam: Measure the inside of the leg, from the bottom of the ankle to the top of the leg, where the leg and groin meet. To Measure Sleeve : Put your arms straight down at your sides. Have someone start at the nape of your neck, then pull the measuring tape over the your shoulder. Hold the tape here, and draw it down to the wrist you should be making an upside down L shape this is your sleeve measurement.

Extra Large Extra Extra Large Call View Cart. Flat Rate Shipping! How to Measure Your Height: Remove your shoes and stand erect with your back against a wall.

For the big guys. Over 6' and 400 lbs.

Place a flat, rigid object ruler, or book level on top of your head and mark that point on the wall. Then measure from that point down to the floor, now you have your height. Follow the standards below on what length suit to order. Measurements taken in Inches Sizing Guide. Please use this guide to help you in finding your size. NOTE: This chart will be accurate for many customers, but we do not guarantee the information below will work for you, as all people are shaped differently.

If you have any specific questions regarding sizing, please feel free to call us at during our business hours. Short Coats. Regular Coats. Long Coats. Tuxedo sizes are the exact same as suit sizes, So whatever size you wear in a suit, or blazer, will be your tuxedo size. If you have a suit or sport coat that fits already you just have to find the size, which is usually located on a tag in one of the interior pockets, or on a tag on the seem that runs down the side of the jacket.

Tuxedo pants work the same way.Whether you're having a hard time finding clothing in the women's department that fits you well, or you just prefer the style of men's clothes, you can easily determine what size you wear in the men's department.

Men are typically larger than women, so most of their sizes run big. Add 21 to the size of your normal pants to determine your waist size in the men's department. For example, if you wear a size 6 in women's pants, you will wear men's pants with around a inch waist.

You may need to go up a size, because men's pants are not as wide in the hips as women's. Subtract one and a half from your shoe size to determine what size men's shoes you wear.

Try on men's T-shirts just as you would women's. Since men's clothing is cut differently than women's, you probably won't be able to find fitted T-shirts to enhance your body shape. These shirts are best for dressing for function or comfort. Have someone measure you to be fitted for dress shirts, just as a man would. Men's dress shirts take your sleeve, collar, and chest measurements into account. Therefore it's best to know what your exact measurements are when shopping for them.

Laura Jerpi has been working in marketing since Video of the Day. References Quora: Can you convert from women's to men's clothing sizes, such as pants? About the Author. How to Convert Juniors Sizes to Adult. How to Convert Pants Size to Inches. What Are Measurements for a Size 12?Home Recent Discussions Search. I'll post more when I'm home tonight. March 14, PM 0.

what size shirt does a 300 pound man wear

Height 6' Starting weight: Current Weight: took me five years to drop the first 80 lbs, and about 4 months for the last 20 reflected on MFP. As soon as 2xlt fits well its time to go shopping. Goal Weight - pounds Haven't flown in a while, but cannot wait to not have to ask for the seat belt extender. My goal weight is belowa weight I haven't seen since I was I flew overseas last month, the first time for a plane ride since losing No extender, even had some extra to spare.

Was actually comfortable, for the most part, the entire 9 hour flight. If nothing else motivates that sure as heck did. I actually planning another vacation just because that stoked me so much This time is a beach vaca.

Aggieman09 Member Posts: 13 Member Posts: March 15, AM 0. It is already so much more comfortable Goal weight: lbs. Haven't been there since probably 5th or 6th grade. Would like to get in to the 30's in terms of waist and as long as I can shop at regular shops I don't mind what the T-Shirt size is, L would be fine.

What T-shirt size should a 5'8 guy wear?

I should say I'm in the UK and sizes are a little smaller here. Height - 6' 6" Start Weight- lbs. Current Weight- lbs. Height - 6'3 Start weight - 's I never got an exact measurement. Doctor had to use counter weights. I was close to lbs. Current - goal is for range. I have found some brands that fit that are 2XL.

what size shirt does a 300 pound man wear

I can squeeze into them but it's tight. It just depends on the brand. I defintely can't fit into slim. I have tree trunks for legs. I used to average lbs a month but now I average lbs. I am in no rush. I'll get there when I get there. I just started on here i am 6'3" and i am around pounds so all these stories are of great help and inspiration to me.

March 15, PM 0. I picked the "Lose 2 pounds per week" plan.And if you had to compare that size to anyone famous when it comes to comparison, who would it be? This guy or woman could be greater effective than 3 hundred pounds.

Jerome Bettis?? He would not placed on a 40 4 pants. Edit: Julia D under--that's suitable. John Goodman is approximately that vast. I don't know what those others are taking about it. If a man told me 3x shirt and 44 size pants I would think of my hubby.

He wears 2x shirts and a 42 size pants. He's 6'3 and lbs. He has very broad shoulders and is muscle. Depends on his build and muscles. Don't know about a celebrity. I guess that would depend on his height And if he is dressing like the teens do Pants around their knees and baggy shirts that are longer, so they can't get the fine for having their pants sagging.

So, you give me a height and if they are supposed to fit and then I'll tell you about what I think the weight is. I think it depends on how he is built!

Basing this on my husband's size he's 6'1"I would guess around lbs. Update: The height is 6 feet 2 inches. Answer Save. Favorite Answer. He would weigh about lbs Erika Lv 4. Spring Lv 5.

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I would think closer to the Rock. How do you think about the answers?Choosing the correct pantyhose size not only makes them more comfortable, but it also reduces the potential for snags and runs. However, pantyhose sizes differ between brands so a particular size in one brand might not fit you in another.

To ensure proper fit, always consult the chart on the back of the pantyhose package. While some pantyhose brands sell a "one size fits all" product, most brands produce hosiery in multiple sizes. Typically, these companies place a height and weight chart or hip- and waist-measurement chart on the packaging of the product.

To determine your size, simply find the square that corresponds to your own numbers, and determine your size accordingly. If your height and weight put you at the upper range of your size section, you may want to go with the larger size; hosiery that is too tight is typically more susceptible to runs.

If your hosiery sags at the ankles, this indicates you should go with a smaller size.

Men’s Size Charts – What is My Size?

Full-figured women or tall women may want to look for brands that make plus-size or extra-tall varieties. Her work has appeared in "The Tennessean" and also online at MaestroCompany. Video of the Day. About the Author.

what size shirt does a 300 pound man wear

Guide to European Shoe Sizes for Women.I'm having trouble determining my shirt size. All my clothes are either medium or large and I can never pinpoint my actual size. I'm 16, 5 feet 8 inches. So does this make me a medium or a large? The shirt I'm buying is from American apparel don't know if cloth stores all have same size chart or something. This varies per bone length and different factors besides.

Brisk walks 2 miles are very stable. It takes approximately 3 months to coach in case you reside committed. This varies in line with bone length and different components as properly. Brisk walks 2 miles are astounding. It takes approximately 3 months to instruct in case you reside committed. If it helps: My jeans are 31 W The shirt I'm buying is from American apparel don't know if cloth stores all have same size chart or something.

what size shirt does a 300 pound man wear

Answer Save. StevieB Lv 6. It depends on your build and the manufacturer. Do you want it to be a slim-fit? Do you want "breathing-room"? What do you think of the answers? You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. Still have questions? Get answers by asking now.Since everyone's body shapes are different, clothing sizes and the way they fit will vary significantly even when using a height and weight chart. However, you can get a general idea of what size you wear based on your height and weight.

You can also find the correct size for a child or infant based on a size chart. For the best fit, however, try clothing on at the store. The fit of clothing will vary between clothing brands as well as size. Weigh and measure the length of your infant. Clothing sizes for infants are usually given by age, with manufacturers using 0 to 3 months; 3 to 6 months; 6 to 9 months; and 9 to 12 months as guidelines.

However, the manufacturers' clothing tags will also list the length and weight ranges for those sizes. Match your infant's length and weight to the chart on the tag to determine the proper size for your infant. Find your toddler's height and weight to determine size for the 2T to 4T range. Some manufacturers also make 5T size. Use the size chart on the tag to determine the proper size for your toddler. While the number preceding the "T" is an approximate match with your toddler's age, it's best to check the size chart for accurate sizing.

Measure the height and find the weight of older children. Children's sizes are usually broken up into two sections, with sizes 4 to 6X in one area and sizes 7 to 16 in another. It's less common to find a size chart on the clothing tag for these sizes, so begin with figuring that size 4 is 35 to 39 pounds and approximately 39 inches tall, then add 3 to 4 pounds and about 3 inches per size. Determine your height and weight. If possible, it helps to take measurements at the chest, waist and hips, as well.

To take measurements, wrap a measuring tape, also known as a tailor's tape, loosely, but without any slack, around the widest part of your chest and hips and the narrowest part of your waist. Use a sizing chart to determine your size. Remember that the size may vary by up to 1 inch of height and 10 pounds of weight, plus or minus.

How to Figure Out My Pantyhose Size

A woman who is approximately 5 feet tall and pounds can expect to wear a size extra small, while a woman who is 5 feet, 9 inches tall and pounds or more runs closer to size large or extra large. Decide if you should be shopping for petite sizes or big and tall sizes.

For women, petite sizes might apply if you are 5 feet, 4 inches tall or under and find regular sizes to be too long, too baggy at the shoulders or too high at the waist. For men, tall sizes usually begin for those who are 6 feet, 2 inches tall; big sizes are for those with a to inch waist and to inch chest. Make note of the sizes you wear for different brands of clothing to make it easier to shop in the future.

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